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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  9.0.1 FP5 9.0.1 FP5
Hide details for APIAPI
WBJT9X63VTChinese characters display incorrectly when an event is created via the Calendar service Restful API
Hide details for Applet componentApplet component
LQPG9HRDAFA Mime email with an applet, when opened in edit mode, will strip out the applet and show a picture in place of the applet. Right clicking in the...
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
THIO9YUD6AFixes issue when using IE and ActiveX where if a user received a mail with a 0 byte attachment, opening it by double-clicking fails with an error....
JACE9YD2QRFixes a problem that failed to handle the delete and attach same name file scenario on some forms in IE using the iNotes ActiveX file attachment...
THIO9NKEX7Fixes issue where duplicated Microsoft Office file attachments are incorrectly created if the file is edited on IE with ActiveX file attachment...
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
JKEY9WHFFQiNotes internal timezone table updated to include new timezone for Ulan Bator and Mongolia
GKLA9XL3PB iNotes timezone rule update for Chile
RUYAA3KUFVAdd alarms (based on user preferences) to CalReadNotice output so that they will be honored by Outlook clients or other clients processing this...
IFAY9TEJPUFixes Google calendar integration failure when using Google+
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
RGAU9YQGE8Using the Calendar REST API, different results are returned for All Day Event calendar entries with respect to the end date of the event, depending...
LROE9WPRWXREST and Lotusscript API callers looking up available time slots for a user or users can get some results that are off by an hour in some some cases....
DCON9GYK5Y Fixed the issue that a calendar entry is not displayed if the start date time of the entry is out of the date range of the calendar view after the...
Hide details for ClientClient
ADEE9UCDQ2Fixes issue that could result in duplicate INI parameters for cases where the notes ini exceeds 64 bytes
HHIE9RTARJAvoids a Notes Client crash opening a document with a graphic image containing invalid dimensions. This defensive fix will avoid the...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
RMAS9GATPKThe maximum NSF Pool size is hard coded by default. This fix introduces a new INI parameter to set the maximum size of the NSF Pool at runtime. Add...
MQRO9W9C6NWith this fix, an error is now displayed when stopping a dedicated view without a dbname
MQRO9W9BNLWith this fix, an error is displayed when enabling a view with blank name as dedicated view.
CSCT9CRFF3Fixes DBMT failing when running via program document
HPXG9T58BKFixes issue where a user can't open an archive db with template version that is 9.0.1 or later
SVEM9W7RAYFixes repair task invoking backup API, locking the database for several minutes which causes QoS Kill
PSIH9Z9EDJFix is added to resolved the following issues :
1. "Create Replica" issues for delegated users with Calendar only delegation access on SCN.
Show details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services


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